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We are a company dedicated to improving our environment by providing cost effective Sustainable, innovative, and integrated Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) solutions in the construction industry in Puerto Rico and the entire Caribbean Region with the ultimate mission of promoting sustainability, durability and energy efficient building envelopes.

We are the authorized dealers & distributors for the Quad-Lock ICF Building Systems, LTD, Helix Micro-Rebar Steel and Sider-Crete, Inc. ICF Finishing Products for the Caribbean Region.  Our territory includes Puerto Rico and the entire Caribbean region.  We supply to residential and commercial projects throughout the region and over last 10 years have already serviced over 35 Residential and Commercial projects in the Caribbean Region.  This building method provides tremendous energy efficiency (R-11  up to R-84) as well as great protection from hurricanes, earthquakes and other harsh elements.  This system really works and has proven to be hurricane proof withholding  winds over 250 miles per hour during Hurricanes Maria, Irma & Dorian (all category 4 & 5 Hurricanes).  All of the ICF Projects that we have serviced in the Caribbean region are up and standing with no damages to the structures after being impacted by Hurricanes Irma, Maria, Dorian and all the earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

If you are planning to build an ICF project in Puerto Rico or any country in the Caribbean please contact us for an estimate at : 1-888-504-2999 or sales@cicfsllc.com.  Remember that we are a One Stop ICF Solutions provider for any type of ICF Construction project and we can help you from the planning up to the construction phase.  Our Total ICF Solution includes the following:

  • Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Building systems
  • Micro-Rebar Structural Solutions
  • ICF Interior/Exterior Walls, ceilings and pool finishes
  • Waterproof roof coating Solutions
  • ICF Special Value Added Services
  • Structural Design Services for ICF Projects
  • Projects’ Permitting (Only in Puerto Rico)
  • ICF Installation Training
  • On-Site Installation Support with Project Management Services
  • ICF Value Engineering
  • Project Onsite Engineering / Structural Evaluations
  • Projects’ Logistics Planning & Supply Chain Management for ICF Projects

Contact us for an estimate at : 1-888-504-2999 or sales@cicfsllc.com


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