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What is “The Perfect Block™”?
“The Perfect Block™” is an insulated composite concrete form (ICCF) system made of
a mixture of ground-up clean post-industrial, post-consumer expanded polystyrene
(EPS) also commonly known as “Styrofoam®”, cement, and proprietary admixtures
and water. 100% of the EPS in an ICCF block is recycled EPS that was destined to be
dumped in a landfill. And 87% of the volume of each TPB block is recycled EPS. The
EPS is what gives the ICCF block its outstanding insulating properties. We are using a
modern era waste product that would be filling the world’s landfills to create a much needed
energy efficient building block. When the cores of assembled ICCF blocks are
filled (grouted) with concrete and reinforcement steel (rebar), the cured structure
provides a permanent framework for a “screen-grid” of reinforced concrete to form
highly insulated stem walls, load-bearing walls, shear walls, non-load bearing walls,
sound attenuation walls, lintels, perimeter walls, retaining walls, and many other
components of a building. TPB is in the family of ICCFs commonly called “gray block”.
Because ICCF is a composite mixture of ground-up recycled EPS and cement, it has
its characteristic gray color which differentiates it from other “white” ICF blocks and is
referred to as an insulated composite concrete form (ICCF).
Why build with “The Perfect Block™” block?
“The Perfect Block™” is a complete low-density insulated composite concrete form
(ICCF) wall building system with significant advantages over traditional wood “stick
framing” construction and with other insulated concrete form (ICF) systems or
concrete masonry units (CMU) block.

Advantages over traditional “stick framing” construction
Strength – ICCF walls are at least 700% stronger than stick framed walls
Insulation – A 10″ ICCF wall has at least 4 times greater thermal resistance
than 2×6 batt insulated walls
Thermal Mass – ICCF wall thickness and density further enhance thermal
resistance over stick framing providing a “thermal mass multiplier” that further
resists energy loss or gain
Fire Resistance – ICCF walls do not burn. “The Perfect Block™” has a 4-hour
fire rating from Intertek Testing
Termite/Insect Resistance – ICCF walls have no wood inside. There is no food
source for termites or boring insects or rodents. Rodents won’t nest in it
Design Versatility – ICCF wall material can be easily cut and shaped with
common carpentry tools into infinite and unique design features for load and
non-load bearing walls

TPB Benefits For Builders:

Engineered to be highly consistent with standard residential construction
Forms are precision molded and require minimal shimming for plumb and
level walls
Forms are stout and rigid and create strong straight walls requiring no or
minimal pre-grout bracing and will not “float” when grouting
Forms are large enough to build walls rapidly but small enough for single
person handling
Forms are easily cut with common carpentry tools
Forms are easily cut for special angles and shapes
Forms’ 12″ on center cores allow for any 12″ or greater cut block to be
used in general construction minimizing leftover building waste
In addition to a building guide for construction, EBS provides any training
required for a successful build project to the contractor and crews as well
as the individual owner/builder

TPB Benefits For Consumers:
Cost is highly competitive with wood frame construction
Structural strength of walls are many times greater than wood frame
Environmentally friendly forms are made with 100% recycled EPS and no
wood, saving energy and forests and minimizing wastes
Higher appraisal values than conventional “stick built” buildings
Fire insurance rates are lower than wood frame construction
Forms’ textured surfaces eliminate the first layers of traditional exterior and
interior wall cladding, saving material costs and labor
No organic materials in ICCFs to foster mildew growth or provide food
sources for boring insects
No structural damage from wood eating termites, carpenter ants, etc…
Minimal air infiltration, leaving home cleaner and utility costs lower
Reduces indoor air pollution and dust allergens
Heating and cooling costs reduced by 60-80 percent
Superior performance in hurricane and tornado prone areas and
earthquake zones
Virtually eliminates outdoor noise
Reduces foundation/basement wall cracking and radon gas infiltration
Less toxic fume emissions in a fire than wood or most other insulation
Exceeds all code requirements for flame spread and smoke development
No CFCs or HCFCs
No odor or irritating fumes

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